Huevera 1738

[comprada por mjfuster, Bruselas, junio 2000] Huevera de cerámica, de tipo plato, circular. Es de un color gris no uniforme y ha sido decorada con una cenefa floral policroma que podríamos calificar de rústica y que probablemente tenga alguna que otra década a sus espaldas; tres, quizá; la presencia conjunta del marrón de la cenefa y del gris de la huevera invitan a pensar que así es. Destacan asimismo en la pieza el naranja y el rojo de las flores. Sin especial relación con todo esto, hay que señalar que ha aparecido una nueva selección de hueveras en nuestro huevblog Egg cups: se llama Egg shaped egg cups y va de hueveras con forma de huevo. [huev1738]

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weltkind dijo...

hi, lahuev,

your blogs dedicated to egg cups are marvelous. the pictures, the stories, everything.

by the way: in my country, germany, there are more chicken- or hen-shaped egg cups than rabbit-shaped ones. rabbit-shaped ones we only use for easter breakfast, chicken-shaped ones all over the year, esp. for children. when I was a little girl, I had a hen-shaped egg cup only for myself. And we had hat-shaped little egg hoods made of fabric and bast keeping the freshly boiled eggs warm. nowadays, you don´t see so many egg hoods on german breakfast tables anymore. maybe you could find out some more information about the history of egg hoods? would be nice to read.

yours, e.t.-erlkoenigstochter from germany (east of brat.....)

weltkind dijo...

Just had a google-search for german "eierwaermer" (egg warmer). most of them seem to be home made knitted ones, have a look at this nice collection here http://www.handarbeits-laden.de/index.html?eierwaermer-_viele_motive.htm

cheers! e.t.

lahuev dijo...

hi, e.t.!

thank you very much for your comments and for the info!

the truth is that i don't know too much about "egg hoods", but i'll keep the subject in mind and maybe one day i'll come across some interesting data...

actually in English the normal name for these little caps seems to be "egg cosy" and, yes, there are probably less of them now than before (they use to be hand-made and knitting in general is probably less popular nowadays than before), but some companies do still produce them!

for instance, you can have a look at this egg cup that was bought not too long ago:



take care and thanks again!

Meribélgica dijo...

Vaya, han resuelto ustedes el enigma de la humanidad, pues la huevera-pollito fue antes de la huevera-huevo... qué gran día éste!

lahuev dijo...